Using Google Sites to Build a Budget Website

When it comes to building a website to showcase your small business there are a lot of options to choose from. This process can feel overwhelming. Furthermore, you may feel like you don’t possess the tech skills necessary to create something functional. Google Sites can offer a user-friendly experience to create internal project hubs, team websites and public facing websites all without the help of an IT guru, seasoned web designer or a coding expert.

What Is Google Sites?

Google Sites is a free, responsive website creation tool that web-based teams and businesses can use as a part of Google Suite. If you already use Google products and find them useful, Google Sites will be another great tool to utilize for your business. Integrated with Google Suite products such as Google Docs, Meet and Calendar, you are able to easily increase the functionality of your site. Simply add text, drag and drop your photos, videos and more while your site is automatically optimized for mobile and desktop.

What Can You Use Google Sites For?

Google Sites is an easy-to-use tool that can be advantageous for small businesses, local events or work presentations. Some examples of Google Sites include creating an intranet for your businesses internal communication. It allows you to customize who can and cannot access your site. You may use Google Sites to create a public facing business webpage your customers can visit. Also, it lets you work collaboratively with your team and edit the site together in real time.

making a website with google sites

What You Need to Get Started

Just like the rest of Google Sites, getting started is easy. All you need is a Google account and you will be able to access the Google Sites app. Open up the app and click the plus sign to start designing your new website. This tool is a part of Google Workspace which is free to use if you have a Google account. Furthermore, it includes a range of free and paid options to choose from.


Google Sites is a free application to use for anyone with an account. Users are also able to upgrade their web building experience by purchasing a Google Workspace plan. These plans range from $6 – $18 per month. Some features that come with a Google Workspace account include increased cloud storage, enhanced security and a custom domain for your site. Additionally, there is also a Workspace Individual subscription targeted at entrepreneurs and business owners. This subscription costs around $10 per month. Features include personalized email marketing, a smart booking tool that is built into Google Calendar and extended call time on Google Meet.

Google Sites is a simple, free and easy-to-use website creation tool that makes anyone feel like a pro web designer. It is responsive meaning your web page is optimized for Google Sites mobile and tablets. Its integration with other Google productivity apps makes syncing your work across platforms a breeze. The array of price options also gives you the power to choose what plan will best fit your business needs. To learn more or get started building your own Google Site visit this link.

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