What is Every Door Direct Mail?

Customer acquisition is key to any business, no matter its size, stage of development, or service industry. With so many ways to find potential customers, your business needs to find an efficient marketing method.
Every Door Direct Mail could be the direct mail marketing strategy your business is looking for.

What is Every Door Direct Mail?

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a USPS service that allows businesses to send targeted direct mail across the United States. Companies use an online mapping portal to choose different postal routes based on ZIP codes and US Census data based on household size, income, and age. The key to how to use every door direct mail is taking advantage of that information to hyper-target specific audiences. Every household on the route that suits the targeted profile gets the mailpiece.
What makes EDDM one of the more effective marketing strategies for small businesses is removing the need for a customer list. Your company saves time and money on having to obtain customer addresses, which could be incorrect. Another benefit of this targeted direct mail marketing strategy is that it vastly improves your business’s marketing reach by allowing you to market yourself to any house that falls within your parameters.

The Benefits of Every Door Direct Mail

If you’re still on the fence about why use direct mail marketing, then here are some of the top benefits businesses can expect to see. These real life examples come from USPS Delivers.

Drive Awareness and Interest

Direct mail marketing services build awareness and traffic of your business within the community to create more loyal local customers. This method works great for new and established businesses alike. New companies use EDDM to get their foot in the door and share their story with the people, while established businesses can use direct mail to reach a wider population or share details about new offerings and products.

More Customers

Every Door Direct Mail is an excellent choice for existing businesses looking to generate more sales and attract more customers and new companies looking for early adopters. EDDM allows these businesses to spread their message locally to the people around them. Here are two success stories of how EDDM helps businesses:

  • A car wash franchise in Virginia used EDDM to find customers and encourage them to visit their nearest location. The campaign increased sales by 20%.
  • A Colorado fast-food location underwent remodeling and increased sales by 7% by combining EDDM with other digital advertising.

Sending targeted direct messages to people in your area can increase your local market share.

Better Returns

Instead of putting your money in a mailing list that could be out of date and expensive, EDDM gives you the power to connect with local customers for an affordable price with data-driven metrics and tactics.
By targeting the right people in the right area, you ensure your message reaches as many potential customers as possible. The data analytics mean that there’s a better chance for a higher return on investment with EDDM. Here’s an example of how one business did just this;

  • A real estate agent used EDDM to target high-net-worth households as part of their luxury real estate campaign. They spent less than $500 to advertise – and sell – a luxury lakefront home for $2.5 million.That works out at a 500,000% return on investment.

Your investments will reach their furthest when you target the right audience as precisely as possible.

Increased Consumer Interest

Customer awareness and interest are the two main reasons people turn to EDDM for their marketing strategy. The demographic and geographic information used with EDDM helps businesses to reach their target audience.
For example, one packing solutions manufacturer used EDDM to discover an entry-level talent for a facility in need of staff. They targeted the campaign according to age, location, and household income. 90% of the people interviewed for the position said they learned about the job thanks to the mailpiece.
Isolating what your business needs and then targeting those needs with the demographic and geographic filters of EDDM allows your business to find the right people for the job.

Tips to Use EDDM

We believe that any business can benefit from using EDDM. Here are some tips to keep in mind to get the most out of EDDM for your business.

Determine if EDDM is the Best Choice for You
  • Do you know your target audience?
  • Do you want to reach a specific audience within a particular area?

If you answered no to those questions, EDDM might not be what you need. Once you have the answers to those questions, consider these USPS guidelines on how to use every door direct marketing.

Choose the Right Message

The direct mail might target a specific person with the household, but it should be written and displayed so that it doesn’t alienate or exclude other household members.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action

Every form of direct marketing is designed to drive people to take action, so don’t forget to tell readers the action you want them to do. It would help to pair the CTA with an offer. Not only does adding an offer drive engagement, but it also enables you to measure how successful and effective a campaign was.

Bring in a Creative Team or Designer

Your direct mailpiece should look professional and be a good representation of your company. Hiring a designer or even a full creative team to communicate the message and vision clearly will entice people to interact with the mailpiece.

Determine Success

You should keep track of your campaigns’ success metrics, such as the visits, code redemptions, referrals, and sales increases following a campaign. Make sure you have some way to track campaign success before launching the campaign.

Consider a Multiple Touch Point Approach

You may find your campaign works best with multiple touchpoints. You should consider the bigger picture and create a campaign that sends several mailpieces over a few months.

The Bottom Line

Every Door Direct Mail gives businesses a cost-efficient and effective marketing solution. By combining ZIP codes and US Census data, companies can put their message in front of the right people without investing in a marketing address list, which could be outdated and expensive. When done correctly, EDDM campaigns save businesses time and money and offer better results than standard direct mail.
Want to get started? At Expert Media Design, we have experience with Every Door Direct Mail marketing. Reach out today to get started.

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