The Best Website Hosting Company for a Small Business

As a business owner, you should be aware of how important it is to have a well-designed and engaging website. Every single website needs hosting, and the choice may be more significant than you think. Keep reading to learn more about why WP Engine is the perfect website hosting solution for business owners such as yourself. 

What is Website Hosting? 

Hosting is integral to any website. You may have heard about it and even purchased it without knowing exactly what it is. Essentially, website hosting is a service that allows users to upload their websites to the internet. This website is hosted on a ‘server,’ which allows any user to access it from a web browser. 
Usually, domains and hosting are sold together, but this isn’t always the case. Web hosting can include additional features such as e-mail accounts, FTP access, and a content management system. Not all hosting packages will be the same, and some of the key metrics to look out for are uptime and speed. This will impact on whether your website will remain accessible for visitors and how it can manage when many users access the website at the same time. 

What is WP Engine?

WP EngineOver 35% of websites in the entire world use WordPress as their content management system. That’s a pretty hefty market share! There is good reason for why WordPress is so popular; it’s open-source, free to use, adaptable, and it has a huge community. WP Engine provides managed WordPress hosting, and it is a platform that provides an exceptional digital experience for all businesses. 
WP Engine is specifically optimized for WordPress, and it provides high performance, which is vital for SEO and conversions. Additionally, it automates many manual tasks related to WordPress, such as updates, backups, and monitoring. The platform has a team of experts that are available 24/7 to assist you with any queries. 
You can think of WP Engine as more than just a managed WordPress hosting solution. Rather, it is a full spectrum digital platform that saves you time, leaves room for growth, and gives you the space to focus on growing your business. You may also be wondering how to transfer website hosting, and you will be pleased to learn that WP Engine handles the migration smoothly. 

Top Reasons to Upgrade to WP Engine

There are many key benefits that you can attain when opting for WP Engine rather than going with a cheap hosting provider. Here are some of the most important reasons why it is well worth upgrading to WP engine.

Faster Loading Times

LoadingMany business owners sign-up for a hosting package without really understanding the details of what they purchased. They may not face any immediate problems, but the trouble is that these cheaper hosts are far less reliable. Additionally, they are hosted on shared servers with hundreds of other websites. This means that a spike in traffic for one of the websites affects the entire service, which means it can lead to a slower loading time for your website. 
WP Engine is different because it utilizes a cloud-based architecture that is specifically designed to handle spikes and surges. This means that you won’t need to worry about more customers visiting your website. Additionally, the hosting is more reliable, which means you won’t need to stress about customers not being able to access the website.

Excellent Support

SupportCheaper hosting providers have a reduced budget for customer support staff. This means it can sometimes take days to reach someone when you have a problem. They may also have limited opening hours. With WP Engine, you have a team of dedicated support workers that are available 24/7 to respond to queries. They go above and beyond with their service, which means you can easily resolve issues without a fuss. 

Essentials Included 

Web PageMany popular hosting providers such as GoDaddy provide cheap packages that offer the barebones. This is a fine for a hobby site, but most professional business sites will need the extra features. This can include SSL protection or a CDN. The cost of these extras can become significant alongside the main package. With WP Engine, everything you need to have for a high-performance WordPress website is included as standard. It is easy to transfer your domain to WP Engine.

More Secure

SecurityThe threat of cyber attacks continues to increase, and it is vital to have the right security. WP Engine has sophisticated security solutions that can block attacks so that your business and private information remain secure. Cheaper hosting tends to be less secure and more prone to cyber-attacks. 

Develop Faster

ContentWP Engine makes it easier to build and upgrade websites, which means you can accelerate development. If you have the room for growth, it is easier and more efficient to make changes. There are also many optimized WordPress plugins available that will get you online quickly with a website that can outrank the competition. The ease of development is a key reason why WP engine is considered as a best website hosting company for a small business. 

Why We Use WP Engine When Hosting Websites for Clients

Overall, WP Engine is a fantastic hosting solution and brings together many key benefits. The choice is ultimately yours as to which provider you go with, but you should remember that your website is the digital representation of your business. You get what you pay for, and the savings you make through going with a cheaper low-quality hosting provider may be negated through the potential clients that you lose. Those extra dollars every month are likely to be made back multiple times through the increased growth you are able to attain. 
WP Engine provides flexibility, and it is a professional hosting solution that can easily handle future growth. This is why we are proud to use WP engine for our own website. Expert Media Design is an official WP Engine partner, and we are currently offering an exclusive discount for your first three months.

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