How To Incorporate The Holidays Into Your Marketing

It’s officially the holiday season! With so much holiday cheer going around, it feels like the perfect opportunity to bring some jolliness into your company. But how do you incorporate the holidays into your marketing in a professional way?

A Social Media Campaign

We’ve talked before about how integral social media is for a small business. Now it’s time to utilize it! Creating a post about a holiday is a great way to get in the spirit. An animated holiday card is a fun touch you can add to your feed. It costs no money to post and with the right hashtags, it’s sure to get engagement. 
Avoid the stress that comes with the season. A lot of social media sites allow you to schedule posts ahead of time, whether directly on the app or with a third party manager. Schedule ahead of time so you can relax with the family!

A cup from the Starbucks #RedCupArt 

Get Your Customers Involved

Create an idea that gets your customers involved. For example, Starbucks asked customers to create a holiday cup design by drawing straight onto their cups. They took the winning designs and printed them for actual use in their stores. 
You can incorporate the holidays into your marketing on a smaller scale. If you have a physical item, you could ask people to submit pictures of the item in a holiday setting. Attach a catchy hashtag and you’ve created a feed of free marketing. Repost the best ones or offer a prize. 
For more service based businesses, try an interactive ad through social media or even email. Try a Christmas themed poll. You can even create a quiz to help a customer find the best fit out of your products. Make the quiz with holiday puns and graphics. There are plenty of services that offer personalized quizzes.

Create Holiday Visuals 

It’s time for your business to look the part. Consider making your social media profiles festive by adding a Santa hat to your logo. A holiday landing page can be a fun asset to a website. If you have a storefront, decorations are a must. 

Bring on the Cheer

Want more? Perhaps some colored tissue paper can be added to packaging. Another option is to have a holiday card come with each purchase. This option works for both print and digital. Add a staff picture for a personal touch.
Incorporate the holidays into your marketing by coming out with celebratory gift cards. Gift cards are the perfect gift for someone who’s a little trickier to shop for and the holiday theme adds pizazz.

Sale Time

A lot of people are spending an arm and a leg on presents, so it’s no surprise that customers are searching for the best deals. Help both you and your client by lowering costs and driving sales for your business. The increased traffic of a sale can also help you clear inventory for the new year. You can get in on this with a simple discount around the season or with something more elaborate. 
Use the twelve days of Christmas as an inspiration with the twelve days of sales. Offer twelve days of continuous sales or one unique sale per day. Maybe a traditional sale doesn’t fit your business. Consider giving free shipping, gift wrapping services, coupons, or a complimentary gift with purchase.

What If I’m A B2B Company?

With others focused on the holidays and seeing increased business, a B2B company may see lower traffic. Embrace this quiet time and focus on strategizing for the new year. How can you better serve clients after they’re done with the hubbub of the season? Perhaps there’s even a project that you’re typically too busy to see through. 
Don’t expect to be totally out of client work. As companies are looking to drive customers to their website for holiday sales, it may be the time they look for SEO help.

Need Help On How To Incorporate The Holidays Into Your Marketing?

Not sure where to start? Need help creating the social media content discussed? Reach out to us at Expert Media Design! We can help guide you through this holiday season.

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