How To Create a Lead Magnet

Getting customers to your site is one thing, but how can you make sure they return when most won’t even stick around for more than 15 seconds. Therefore, you need something that will turn visitors into potential leads. All businesses should be aware of lead generation, and a vital aspect of this strategy is lead magnets. However, what is a lead magnet, and how can you use them in the best way? We will show you how you can use lead magnets to build loyalty and in turn, increase conversions.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lot of people may be asking themselves “what is a lead magnet“. Essentially, you can think of a lead magnet as anything that is given away for the purpose of attaining contact details, usually an email address. Marketers take advantage of lead magnets to convert the leads into paying customers. Lead magnets are a powerful way of engaging with a target demographic and building brand awareness.
Some examples of lead magnets include free estimates, newsletters, sign-up deals, and trial subscriptions. Essentially a business offers something of value, and in exchange, they receive details such as a name, email address, and contact number. These details can then be used to send promotions and other valuable content in an attempt to win over potential customers. Lead market landing pages are a popular way of getting customers to sign up.
Lead magnets work well for marketers because they build trust and credibility for any business. They provide a good connection between prospective customers and your brand. Additionally, they can also help to qualify prospective customers, especially if you require a small form to be filled in.

How to Create a Lead Magnet

Firstly, you need to offer real value. Potential customers won’t easily give up their details, so you need to offer something that is informative and that solves a real problem for your target demographic. You could show that you are an industry leader by sharing valuable information. After all, who wouldn’t want to read informative content for free? This could be in the form of a mini e-book or some infographics. 65% of users prefer visual graphics, which explains why infographics are such a fantastic way of creating lead magnets.
You can even deliver content in the form of a video. In fact, text-based and video lead magnets tend to be the highest performing.  A free newsletter subscription won’t always cut it.  Don’t be afraid to get creative!
If you have products to sell, then offering free samples is a classic method that is always effective. A sample can immediately show why a customer should buy from you. Service businesses can offer a free trial to entice customers to purchase a full plan. Exclusive coupons and discount codes are another tried and tested way to get leads.
Case studies are another fantastic example of lead magnets, since you can show real-life examples of how a customer could use your product or service. This can be especially useful in persuading potential customers who may be on the fence about your product/service.

lead magnet best practices

What Makes a Successful Lead Magnet?

There are a number of factors that go into a successful lead magnet. The best lead magnets are those which are highly targeted, employ your best performing content, and offer an innovative approach. The concept of lead magnets is nothing new, but there are always businesses thinking outside of the box to get ahead of their competitors.
When it comes to targeting, the content you offer should be as specific as possible to the type of lead you want to capture. Who will benefit from your offering? Does it sufficiently solve a problem, and will your magnet grab their attention? The advantage of having a targeted magnet is that you can then promote specific services or products to this new potential customer list that you acquire.
Your magnet needs to provide instant gratification, which means that a problem should be solved. A potential customer shouldn’t need to visit other links. Rather, it should offer something tangible that they can do right away. It should also determine your unique value proposition and show clearly why a potential customer should buy from your rather than your competitors. A lead magnet gives you the perfect opportunity to reveal your expertise and convince customers why you are an industry leader. Follow these lead market best practices, and you are sure to create an irresistible offering.

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Making the Most out of Lead Magnets

There are a number of ways to use lead magnets to build loyalty and allow potential customers to better engage with your business. Once you have acquired a potential customer list, you can begin to showcase your business. Keep in mind, this won’t be the time to directly start promoting your services. Instead, you can give these leads a glimpse into your business and provide exclusive discounts/promotions. Remember that these individuals are already interested in your offering but need more reasons to buy.
Creating exclusive offers can be a fantastic way to make use of your lead magnets, and it will help you to convert these leads into customers. Aside from offers, you can also share general information and provide tips for your industry. This will help to develop greater affinity for your brand, and it will show that you have a good reputation which can make sales more likely.
You can also use this opportunity to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your business. People like to buy from real people rather than faceless organizations. You can show off the human side of your business and become more relatable as a result. Additionally, it can be worth giving sneak peeks of new offerings and things to come in the future. All of these things will help you engage more closely with a user list that has already been targeted. The end result is greater conversions and higher sales as a result.

Employ Lead Magnets

Overall, lead magnets should form an essential part of your inbound marketing strategy. It is no surprise that over 50% of marketers see an increase in conversion rates when they use lead magnets.  If your business has invested heavily in acquiring traffic, you must strategize to make the most of this traffic. With the right strategy, you will be able to attract a wider demographic of customers to utilize your business offering.

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