9 Ways To Use Email Marketing in the New Year

New year. New marketing techniques. As we go into the new year, with the pandemic still looming, engaging customers can seem hopeless. One of the most tried and true ways to engage customers is through email marketing. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t email marketing dead? Heck no! We’ll show you 9 effective ways you can use email marketing in the new year.

1 Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to self promote and communicate with customers. Depending on the software your company uses you can tailor audiences and features to best suit your needs. This could be a/b testing a newsletter directed at volunteers or past donors. Doing eNewsletters are great because they have stood the test of time. They are familiar and contain digestible content for easy reading. Another added benefit of sending out newsletters is that you are often able to gain analytic insights, like tracking click rate and open rate of your email. 

2 Welcoming the New Year/Company Update

The new year always comes with new resolutions. This is a great time to share your resolutions and goals with your audience. Take this time to look ahead into the new year and get people excited about what they can look forward to. This is also a good opportunity to give your audience a company update on where you’re starting this new year. 

3 Communicate New Sales

Let people know about current sales you have going on. Share active discounts you have going on in the new year and encourage customers to take advantage of the deals. Everyone loves a good sale!  
ecommerce email marketing in the new year

4 Showcase New Products

Another great way to engage your clients is by showcasing new products. Get people pumped with any new products you plan to roll out. These could be sneak peeks or instructional videos that really show off the features of the new merch. This is a great opportunity to offer special discounts or demos to try out new products in exchange for real reviews.

5 Share a Case Study or Testimonial

Humans are much more likely to remember something if it is told to them as a story. Storytelling is a very effective marketing tool that you can utilize to share your brand’s image. People remember and relate to stories much more than stats or generic fact sharing. So having a testimonial of someone who has been impacted by your work is sure to cut through the noise. Sharing a case study also brings a form of credibility that informs your audience of new research in your field. 

6 An Invite to Event or Livestream

Hosting an event you want people to show up to? Well duh! Let your customers know about events they can attend via email. Maybe this looks like sending out a calendar of events or a personalized invitation. In the age of the pandemic pandemonium, doing a livestream event can be a practical way to keep people safe and get them involved in your work. 
 livestream email marketing in the new year

7 Ask for Feedback

Email marketing is a great tool to directly ask for feedback from your customers. You could email out a survey or poll to gain new insights into what you can do better. This could spark new ideas for the upcoming year that make your business even more successful. Take this information to heart and tailor your strategic plan to what your audience truly wants. 

8 A Thank You Email for Support

Another feel-good email won’t hurt anybody! A new year is a great time to thank all of the people that helped get you there. Sending out an email to directly thank volunteers, employees or sponsors for supporting your business is a sure fire way to make sure they are seen and appreciated. This is the perfect opportunity to feature individual volunteers, sponsors or employees that went above and beyond. This harkens back to the power of storytelling as a key way to influence customers to get involved. 

9 Inform on best sellers

Speaking of best performing individuals, what about your best performing products? Let your customers know what your bestsellers or most popular items were last year. People always want to know what the latest trends are so this kind of information is helpful when looking to the horizon for the next new trend.
Email marketing can be an effective way to connect with customers and let them know what the new year has in store. Using these tips you can make sure you are retaining current customers and engaging new ones.

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