Tests For Covid

Tests For Covid

Tests for Covid was conceived to provide industry leading Corona Virus testing. They provide molecular (RT-PCR) or serological (antibodies IgM/IgG) blood tests. During such a serious and fearful time, it’s important to provide stability and clarity when it comes to testing.

We worked with Tests for Covid to organize their website in a way that’s professional but easy to use. By learning their process, we were able to build a site that put customers at ease. Between the clean imagery and step by step outline, people can feel confident in their decision to get tested.

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Building a Brand Identity

Logos are important— it reveals identity, invites new customers, distinguishes from the competition, facilitates loyalty, and can tie everything together. Because they are integral to the identity of a business, we first discovered who Tests for Covid is, what their goals are, and what their target customer looks like.

We bring a variety of ideas to the table so that Tests for Covid can find its true fit. From there, we worked with the company to iron out the rest of the details involved for the brand. After revisions, both Tests for Covid and our team had a clear idea of where they were heading.

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