EnduroCare Warranty Services

EnduroCare Warranty Services

EnduroCare’s goal in providing their automotive warranty is to provide peace of mind for a long, long time. The EnduroCare 20 Year/200,000 Mile Limited Powertrain Warranty is available exclusively through EnduroCare certified Automobile Dealers and is included with the purchase of every qualifying vehicle they sell.

With warranties comes questions about coverage, so we worked with Endurocare to craft a website that put customers at ease. The website’s transparency helps build trust with the customers they serve. Our team also had the unique opportunity to create materials that stood out as an EnduroCare product but also had the ability to be customized to each individual dealer.

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EndoCare Logo

Building a Brand Identity

Determining EnduroCare’s brand identity took time and research: understanding first who the company is, who their target audience is, and how best to build trust in the brand for those future clients.

You can see above our fleshed out brand ideas during the exploration phase. After narrowing in on the desired brand style, we were able to hone the center idea down through revisions until we were able to develop a full branding philosophy to guide our process moving forward.

Marketing Material

EnduroCare has a unique challenge. Their pieces need to reflect the feel of their own cohesive brand while also having the ability to be moldable to the dealer’s style. Each material needed to match each other while being flexible enough to have the logo and colors change with each new dealer partnership.
The positioning of these printed designs would be on display in dealerships to aid the customer in understanding the inner workings of the warranty.
Our primary goals were to provide:

  • Straight-Forward Layouts for quick viewing.
  • Approachable Information to illustrate the bounds of the warranty.
  • Pliable Branding for dealerships to personalize.
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