Injury 24/7

Unique Customers Require Unique Solutions

Injury 24/7 ideal clients are people who need an auto accident attorney, presenting an interesting challenge: how do you win over a customer during a terrible experience? Our team was fortunate enough to build Injury 24/7’s online presence from scratch – developing their website, social profiles, and email marketing campaigns.

Brand Design

We crafted Injury 24/7’s logo to show their business philosophy: operators who help from the first phone call.

Web Presence

We developed a bi-lingual, lead capturing website that is centered entirely on their conversion goals.

Marketing Material

From business cards to email campaigns, we create marketing systems for sales associates to easily utilize.

Building a Brand Identity

Determining Injury 24/7’s brand identity took time and research: understanding first who the company is, who their target audience is, and how best to build trust in the brand for those future clients.

You can see above our fleshed out brand ideas during the exploration phase. After narrowing in on the desired brand style, we were able to hone the center idea down through revisions until we were able to develop a full branding philosophy to guide our process moving forward.

Web Presence

Most of Injury 24/7’s marketing plan focuses heavily on Social channels and Word of Mouth, but it’s difficult to operate a business in today’s world without some sort of website to point potential customers towards. Instead of just creating an online billboard, we crafted a central workspace for their team to point potential customers towards and to source referrals.
Our primary goals were to provide:

  • Clear Call to Actions for customers needing the service
  • Bi-Lingual Options for Spanish or English speakers in the area
  • Short informative descriptions to educate potential customers on the services & process
  • Validation for the business’s professionalism and experience

To source leads, every person on their staff had unique identifiers and links to their own sales page. This allowed them to upload unique content that they felt important to the sale, as well as help their managers track their incoming sales leads for compensation.

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Injury 247 Business Cards

Marketing Material

As with most new businesses, the most direct channel to reach new customers today is social media. Injury 24/7 has a unique offering for their customers as well – allowing them to easily earn referrals for any new sales – creating unique opportunities for our social campaigns.
To arm this large number of new salespeople quickly, each new team member received a welcome package: a suite of products to help them drive more sales. From email campaigns, to print material, to easily customizable social media templates, we provided all of the tools needed for new hires to hit the ground running.
Our primary goals were to provide:

  • Easy to Follow Guides for sales people to utilize the new products
  • Trackable Sales Systems to make sure everyone receives the compensations they deserve.
  • Quick Onboarding Process that inspires trust and provides a faster ROI for the company.
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