HubSpot: A Tool You Need for Your Business

When you’re looking to connect with customers and grow your business, HubSpot offers the perfect Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for any scaling company. HubSpot’s CRM software helps you deliver a superior customer experience with streamlined tools that work for your needs. Hubspot puts customers first, makes customizing a breeze and brings synergy to your team through connected CRM properties.

But what is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a marketing, sales and service platform that helps attract, convert and retain customers so your business can thrive.

HubSpot benefits include a crafted experience that easily guides the user to what they’re searching for. With a platform that is built in house, it lets you offer an easy to adopt customer experience that is connected and cohesive. When a CRM is customizable companies see 131% stronger customer satisfaction ratings. 

Converting interested prospects into dedicated brand promoters involves a coordinated effort from multiple teams within your organization. Turning to tech sometimes hinder this process by siloing departments that make it harder to share data and making the user experience unnecessarily complex. HubSpot helps to streamline this process by not using a cobbled together system of different tools and platforms. They’ve taken the core elements: content, messaging, automation, reporting and data and created one unified code base. This makes it easy to adapt to scaling and market changes. HubSpot’s technology brings everything you need together in one platform and lets your team focus on what’s important, the customer.

HubSpot features easy to view Contact Records where each department can see the same customer information in one central location. This CRM database increases production company wide because everyone is on the same page, literally. One contact record gives each department the information they need to market, sell and strategize for each individual customer. 

hubspot customer dashboard

HubSpot also offers 24/7 customer service to help guide your business in the right direction. Professionals are available to help you with whatever might come up. This includes a Customer Success Team, Tailored Onboarding and Solution Partners. All easily accessible via phone, email or online chat. 

HubSpot’s approach is meant to bring all of the important aspects of your business into a single platform. This gives you a better bang for your buck and skyrockets efficiency. Administrators say they waste about 4 hrs each week helping reps access and use different tools. This is time that could be spent focusing on enhancing the UX for your customers. 

HubSpot’s CRM properties give everyone on your team a tool to utilize. It gives salespeople the ability to see HubSpot analytics and track sales activity in real time. It allows marketers to create and send bulk email campaigns while leveraging data to create a more personalized user experience. Plus, it utilizes the best social media CRM software to track analytics and more. Customer service teams can have peace of mind knowing all customer communications go right to a single universal inbox. HubSpot for startups makes it easy to manage your contacts, send bulk emails and automate administrative tasks so you can focus on growing your business. 

A company wouldn’t be anywhere without its customers. HubSpot has a growth mindset that centers the customer above all else. They know that in today’s world customers have higher expectations, are more knowledgeable and want the company to view them as more than just a transaction. When companies listen and center their customers’ needs it leads to improved brand loyalty, stronger customer relationships and increased growth. HubSpot helps you accomplish this by providing all the tools you need in one convenient platform. 

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