10 Cute Packaging Ideas for Side Hustle E-Commerce Sites

Need some packaging ideas and inspiration for your side hustle or small business? We have some cute ideas you may like on how to boost your Etsy sales. Running an e-commerce site can be daunting as you try to carve out your space in the market. It’s the little things that make customers return and engage with your business. That’s why personalized packaging can be a creative tool to set your business apart from the pack and grow your e-commerce site. Use some of these packaging ideas to give your shipments a signature look that your customers can look forward to.

1 Thank you cards

Thank you cards are a great way to show your customers you care and are appreciative of their business. Bonus points if it’s handwritten!

2 Personalized tissue paper

Personalized tissue paper is an affordable way to add a little oomph to your package. Some tissue can even be printed with your logo to enhance your branding. You can also craft DIY logo tissue paper. All you’ll need is plain tissue paper and a stamp of your logo. Simply stamp in a pattern you like, let dry, and you’re done.

3 Personalized tape

Personalized tape is another affordable way to enhance your branding. This lets your customer recognize your business immediately by the outside of the packaged goods.
Personalized tape packaging ideas

4 “Leave a review” card

Allow your customers to give some feedback on your products and stick in a review card to their next package. Take the headache out of it and list the steps on how to leave reviews on Etsy. This can be a good way to grow your online presence and increase your search result listing.

5 Photo

Polaroid photos are all the craze and such a cute perk to add into your package. Writing a personalized note on the bottom is sure to brighten your shoppers day.

6 Confetti or Glitter

This one’s a fun one: confetti!  Adding confetti or biodegradable glitter can make any package feel that much more special, like a party in an envelope.

7 Stickers

Stickers are an easy and cheap way to get your branding out there while still being useful for your buyer. People love a good sticker to put on their laptop, water bottle or skateboard.
Sticker packaging ideas

8 Use a stamp

Using a stamp is a simple and artful way to bring your business to the forefront. Using a personalized stamp can give a handcrafted feeling to your bagged or boxed packaged goods.

9 Twine and botanicals

For a vintage feel, try using twine and botanicals like a pine branch, rosemary sprig or lavender bundle. This will give your boxed packaged goods that classic look and feel.

10 Seasonal packaging ideas

Seasonal packaging is another great way to keep your customers looking forward to their next shipment. You could even correspond your tape, confetti or color of packaging to match the seasons.
Running an e-commerce small business is hard, doing it as a side hustle can be even harder. Making sure your business stands out can be challenging but don’t let the Etsy competition get to you. We’re here to help you think creatively on how to best engage customers without breaking the bank. Packaging can be the affordable solution that gives your business the boost it needs. Try out one, two or all of these ideas and see how your customer base reacts…and grows!
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