The Write Drive

The Write Drive

The Wright Drive creates modern solutions for the tourist railroad industry. Whether its a website, digital marketing, print advertising, ticketing solutions, or an updated point-of-sale system, they help bridge the gap between modern and heritage. They team up with the railroads to implement technology that makes life easier.

A Safer Check-In Process

During COVID-19, the Write Drive’s focus is a safer experience. That’s why we helped them develop a “touchless” ticketing technology. With this technology, they offer a safer, stress-free experience for their clients’ guests by eliminating points of close physical contact when selling, printing, and distributing tickets.

Visitors simply walk up to the kiosk and scan their QR Code (printed at home or on their cell phone). Tickets automatically print, eliminating the need to be face to face at a Will-Call counter or having to touch a screen.

The “Smart” Calendar 

Together with the Write Drive, we designed an intuitive events calendar that tourist railroads can utilize on their website.
The Monthly View displays the name of each train excursion the railroad has planned for the month. To learn more information, a viewer can hover over the name of that excursion, prompting a pop-up box. This pop-up shows a picture of the event as well as an inviting description. If the viewer is interested, they can click to learn more or purchase tickets.
The List View displays all of the planned excursions, starting from the selected date and going as far as the viewer would like into the future. This lets potential riders clearly see everything that’s available to help them make their decision.

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