Safe-T-Flate – Powerful Nitrogen Solutions

Combining the latest in high-speed, high-purity nitrogen generation, advanced digital inflation technology, ergonomic design and unmatched functionality, Safe-T-Flate represents a true breakthrough in nitrogen tire inflation. We worked with them to display the elements of their product—fast, efficient, and user friendly.

To help illustrate these points to their clients, we collaborated on a promotional video that describes the process as well as the important components of their tool. We created motion graphics were not only information but also visually expressive.

A Look at the Process

Because Safe-T-Flate provides a unique product, it’s imperative that users fully understand what they are purchasing. An instructional brochure is the perfect introduction to the company. Within its pages, there is plenty of room to dive deep into the process and characteristics of the product. Clear illustrations provide an easy way to grasp the information as well.

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