Regenerative & Sports Medicine

A Fusion of Education & Business Focused Design

Regenerative & Sports Medicine is lead by Dr. Rand McClain, a prominent figure in Adult Stem Cell Therapy and Sports Medicine located in Santa Barbara, California. His primary goal is to use his platform to educate the public about the various therapies he is an expert in.

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Marketing Material

Regenerative & Sports Medicine’s marketing materials need to reflect their brand while also delivering in-depth technical details.
Our primary goals were to provide:

  • Straight-Forward Organization for quick viewing.
  • Approachable Information to illustrate health information.
  • Calming Design to help ease concerns.

Taking the Information Online

By tasking us with content creation, Regenerative & Sports Medicine took the next step to connect directly. Now, even when their clients are not present in the office, they can get hand-picked information from Dr. Rand through articles on their website as well as information snippets on social media platforms.

Staying In Touch

Our health is a nerve-racking topic. People are always trying to keep their body in tiptop shape and it can be hard to know who to trust with advice on the topic.

Once clients have started their journey with Dr. Rand, they often want to feel continually connected to the doctor they put their confidence in. Monthly newsletters and updates are the perfect bridge between appointments.

On top of staying connected, it’s imperative Regenerative and Sports Medicine stays identifiable. Throughout all of these pieces, there’s a visual cohesion that reflects the professionalism and freshness of their state of the art practice.

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