Chat Flows

Connect with Customers Directly

Reach the visitors of your site first hand. You can add chat flows where ever you may need— on a pricing page, when a visitor is about to exit, on a complex article, and more! There are many features to this tool, like:

  • Customize the look.
  • Create a welcome message.
  • Choose where the chat appears.
  • Gather valuable feedback.

Simple Integrations with Your Current Website

Our live chat feature can be added as a widget on your current website pages. Once set up, potential clients can ask real-time questions and get answers promptly. You don’t need to make major changes to your current site either—we’ll add it to your current set up.

Target at the Right Times

Reach customers at the optimal moments. On the Target tab, you can personalize when the chat box appears. Maybe you’d like to greet visitors when they first join the site. Perhaps you’d rather try and catch them before they leave your site. You can even pick based on a specific page URL or known information about who is visiting. The possibilities are endless.

chat flows welcome message

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