Local Review Analysis

Google Reviews affect your business’s SEO more than you realize

With data stretching over 54,000 business listings in 146 cities, we looked closely at the top ten results for 41 of the most commonly searched business keywords to find an incredibly strong correlation: Reviews absolutely help your search ranking in Google.

Quantity + Rating = Ranking

This analysis shows us plainly that number of reviews and the higher the rating you have affect your local listing ranking. Increasing both of these will help you secure your spot in the coveted local 3-pack.

More Reviews = Higher Ranking

The highest ranked listings on Google’s local search average 38 reviews, while the lowest ranked listings average only 14.3 reviews. This shows that more reviews are obviously valued higher in ranking results.

Higher Rating = Higher Ranking

The top ranked listings on Google’s local search results average a rating of 3.7 stars. The lowest ranked listings average a 3.0 rating. Again, a higher rating obviously contributes to a higher ranking.

Number of Reviews per Rank

Average Rating per Rank

Find Your Business

Here is a table of each keyword used in the analysis. See if your business category is listed below to find out the average review count and rating across the country.

Keyword Reviews Rating
Accountant 2.0 1.8☆
Attorney 12.6 3.1☆
Auto Repair 25.5 4.2☆
Bank 3.9 2.9☆
Car Dealer 151.0 3.9☆
Car Wash 21.9 3.4☆
Carpet Cleaner 14.2 3.4☆
Chiropractor 15.3 4.2☆
Day Care 5.2 3.0☆
Day Spa 16.2 3.9☆
Dentist 33.9 4.2☆
Dry Cleaner 5.4 3.0☆
Family Doctor 5.4 2.5☆
Keyword Reviews Rating
Hair Salon 18.5 4.0☆
Home Remodeler 4.6 2.5☆
Hotel 115.8 2.7☆
House Cleaning 8.0 2.8☆
HVAC 3.1 3.6☆
Insurance Agent 5.2 2.9☆
Jeweler 13.6 3.7☆
Landscaper 4.0 2.5☆
Lawyer 12.2 3.2☆
Locksmith 21.3 3.7☆
Mortgage Lender 6.8 2.2☆
Moving Company 21.0 3.5☆
Nutrition Store 5.3 3.2☆
Optpmetrist 12.8 3.6☆
Orthodontist 23.9 4.0☆
Keyword Reviews Rating
Pediatric Dentist 21.9 3.8☆
Pest Control 11.0 2.8☆
Photographer 8.0 3.3☆
Physical Therapist 3.4 2.4☆
Plastic Surgeon 10.7 3.2☆
Plumber 32.4 3.5☆
Real Estate Agent 5.1 2.6☆
Restaurant 126.7 4.3☆
Roofer 8.7 3.0☆
RV Dealer 23.0 3.4☆
Sewing Store 11.0 3.5☆
Tattoo Shop 26.2 4.4☆
Veterinarian 27.5 4.2☆

Our Process

We help you build positive reviews on your site of choice and then market directly to these customers to keep the cycle going.



We start once a customer finishes a sale with you. We provide small cards for your employees to hand out detailing a discount or special you’re comfortable providing customers for a return visit. The customer then needs to text the number on the card to receive their discount.



After the customer texts in, we filter the customers into those who had a positive experience and those with a negative one. Positive experiences are directed to your website of choice to leave a review, while negative experiences are sent only to your inbox to handle directly.



On top of your positive reviews flowing, every customer who texts in to our system for your initial discount agrees to receive marketing text messages from you up to 4 times a month. Now you will be able to send weekly updates on your Tuesday specials directly to your customer base with an average 93% open rate.

of Google’s local listings are rated 3 stars or lower
of all reviews are for Car Dealers, Hotels, and Restaurants
the average rating of the top ranked listing
of local listings have less than 5 reviews